Web Design Services

For those smaller items that need attention, Lightway Web Services provides maintenance service. Website maintenance can be provided for existing clients on sites that we have designed, or it can also be for new customers with existing sites that just need help. We can work with almost any code from websites that have been previously designed. Website maintenance is billed hourly or can be put together in a retainer package. If you are in need of this service, we have plenty of other information about our website maintenance, including pricing, and retainer packages that we can custom tailor for you.

Maintenance is typically for the customer who doesn't have the budget to have a web designer on staff or the time to handle the website needs themselves. We understand the need to keep your website up to date. We do the best we can to attend to your website requests quickly with the best turnaround time possible to keep your website information as current as you need it. We also understand the urgency of a request when something is wrong with the website and needs immediate attention. While we can't be available 24 hours per day, we try to be available as quickly as possible during normal business hours and if possible after hours and during weekends.

About the Web Design Process