outlook email settings

The email settings for Microsoft Outlook and other mail clients are POP or IMAP.  Typical settings for a desktop mail client such as Microsoft Outlook are POP. These instructions are for using the POP email option.

POP Mail Server Email Settings:

The basic mail settings for Microsoft Outlook for the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server are below.


Mail Server: mail.yourwebsitename.com
Incoming Port: 995
Connection Security: SSL/TLS


Mail Server: mail.yourwebsitename.com
Outgoing Port: 587
Connection Security: None

Email Setup using Microsoft Outlook

When creating a new account or changing your existing email account settings after migrating your web hosting to Lightway Web Services, follow these steps to make sure your email account is correctly configured. The first step is to enter the email address, the mail servers, and your email password.  Please substitute your actual domain name where our instructions show “yourwebsitename”.

outlook pop email settings

After you finish entering your email credentials in this windows, proceed to the link that says “More Settings”.  This will take you to the advanced features of email setup where you can check your outgoing server and your advanced options.

outlook mail settings for outgoing server

The outgoing mail server should be set to the same settings as the incoming mail server. The specific settings are your email address and password.  You are telling Outlook to use your email address and password to authenticate your email when you login to send email. Next, move to the Advanced tab.

outlook advanced email settings

Here is where you will change the incoming and outgoing port numbers.  They need to be set to 995 for the incoming mail server, and 587 for the outgoing mail server. Please also check the box that requires the incoming server to use the encrypted connection (SSL/TLS).  This is necessary when using port 995.

Additional Email Settings

Lastly, there is the advanced options is the Delivery settings. If checked, this tells Outlook to leave a copy of your email on the server.  This setting is helpful for secondary devices such as a laptop or mobile device. If this box is unchecked, the server will delete the emails after they are downloaded to the computer using Microsoft Outlook.

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