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I recently had a customer ask me a specific question about creating a WordPress blog post. So I thought this was the perfect time to put together a detailed tutorial on how to create a blog post. When creating a blog post using WordPress, it’s best to keep it simple to start. I’ll cover a few of the basic options and what they’re used for. The first step is to navigate to the “Posts” tab in the left-hand menu, and click on “Add New Post”.

Blog Title

The first box you’ll notice at the top is the place for the blog title. Here is where you’ll add the title to the blog post. Generally, this is pretty simple in that you’ll title the blog post whatever your content summary is. If you’re considering SEO practices, it’s best to consider the content more carefully, and how you would like your prospective readers to find your blog post. Just type in the title and move on down below to the giant empty box underneath.

wordpress blog post

Blog Content

In the giant box located directly under the “Add Media” button, you’ll find the main text box where you can add your blog content. In this area you can add headers, sub headers, text, images, and hyperlinks.  All of the content that will be viewed in your blog post will be inputted in this area.

You’ll notice some available options at the top of the box such as the option to make your font bold, or in italics. There are alignment options so that your text can be aligned to the left, right, or center.  You can align a block of content, or the entire post by selecting the text that you want to move.

The drop-down box allows blocks of text to be formatted by paragraph, header 1, header 2 and so on.  These are pre-formatted font styles that are controlled by your theme.  You can adjust these in the theme’s customization options. Typically a header 1 or H1 is the main header at the top of the blog post.  Header 2 would be for a sub header and the other main format is the paragraph which is the default. This is chosen by default any time a new blog post is being added.

If you want to add a picture, place your cursor in the blog post where you want the image to go, and click “Add Media”. Follow the prompts to upload a new image, or add an image from your media gallery.

Screen Options

Before we continue with the blog options, we need to go up to the top where the screen options are. There are many basic options for your blog post, but in order to see them all, you need to check the list. To keep this article brief, we’ll concentrate on four options. To proceed, click on “Screen options” and make sure the following boxes are checked: Categories, Tags, Featured Image, and Discussion. The other options can be checked, but in this article, we’ll cover the four previously mentioned.

wordpress blog post

WordPress Blog Post Options

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are two ways that WordPress allows you to organize the blog posts for your readers. They are similar, but different. Categories are meant more for topics that you are covering. For example, our company’s main services include Christian web design, WordPress web design, and Christian internet marketing. So if I were writing an article about creating a blog post such as this one, I might use a category labeled, “WordPress web design”. Then I could direct readers to just the blog posts related to WordPress Blog Posts, or WordPress related articles.

Tags are more like keywords. They are similar to categories, but do not have the hierarchy structure that categories can have. You can select multiple tags in any WordPress blog post. This will allow posts to be grouped with other posts that have similar content.

For example, if I am writing a blog post about a restaurant that I want to recommend, the category that I use might be “Restaurant Reviews”. The tags that I might use could contain the type of food that the restaurant serves, and the city where the restaurant is located. This way, I am able to find all restaurant reviews by a certain food and location if I just want to select those particular reviews.

Featured Image

The featured image is the last of the main standard options that I’ll cover in this post. The featured image is separate from any images that you may post in your blog content. It is designed to show in the list of blog posts from the main blog page. The idea of a featured image, is one particular image that summarizes the contents of the blog post.

wordpress blog post featured image

When you select “Set featured image”, it will bring up a pop up window that will ask you to select from your media library of images that have already been uploaded. If the image that you want to use isn’t in your media gallery, you can upload a new image using the image upload feature.

After you click the image, or upload the new image, you will be given options to add an image title, alt tags, and captions. Make sure after you upload the image to click the button “Set featured image” in the lower right hand corner, and it will add that image.

Those are some of the basics of adding a WordPress blog posts. Depending upon the theme that you have, you may have additional options. These options would be sidebar placement, page title settings, and many more. If there is anything else that you would consider basics, that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments, and we can always add content.

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