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With over 15 years of church website design experience, we have all of the tools to help you with the design of your church website. I specifically have design experience with HTML, PHP, CSS coding. I also have years of experience with WordPress design and development. Our company can provide design service and support. for your website.


I understand the importance to have work completed quickly and efficiently. We work hard to complete design projects within the time frame that we agree to. I will strive to keep design work moving forward and on schedule. We communicate all throughout our design work to make sure that clients are always apprised of the progress.


We price our design services with your budget in mind. Costs are always rising and we do our best to remain affordable to our customers. We know that everyone watches their budgets and try to keep that in mind when pricing our website design projects. We also do not have a great deal of overhead and that allows us to be competitive when pricing our website design services.

Web Design Process

Initial Meeting

In our initial meeting we will discuss your website vision. If you don't have one, we can help with that. We will offer suggestions for design styles, navigation, and content structure and take careful notes of what you need us to know about your design project.

Client Review

After we complete the design based upon the specs that we have, we will have you review the website design. After you have looked at the design, we will plan a time to meet to discuss. At this time, we will go over any changes or additions that you want.

Design Quote

With all of the notes from our meeting, we will determine the total time to complete the project. At this time, we will prepare a design quote to complete the project and present it to you for your review. Once the quote is accepted, we will begin work.

Site Revisions

The changes or additions discussed during the client review phase will be completed during this step. We will make sure we go through the list of revisions carefully and complete everything and present the final website design to you after completion.

Begin Work

After the quote is accepted, our team will begin work designing your website. We will keep in contact with you during the design process to give you updates. We may also need to discuss parts of the website and ask you questions.

Final Launch

With the website design complete and all revisions to the site done, we will meet with you one last time to review everything. After this, the site will be launched and made live on the web. All final design fees are due at this stage.

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