Church Website Consultation

Do I Need A Consultation?

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of your church website, a consultation is right for you. The goal of this service is to give you confidence that you have a solid website built for your church to engage your church members and potential visitors.

Can I Afford It?

The initial phone call is free. During the time we are discussing your church website, we will answer questions about our billing rates. We only charge your church for our time to put together a plan for your website. The goal of our work is to provide a great and affordable service.

How Does it Work?

After talking with you, we determine if we can help your church with the website. We will provide an estimate for our work before we start. Then, we will provide a customized plan for your church website that you can implement yourself, or with our help if it is needed.

How We Can Help

Not sure your church’s current website is turning website visitors into church visitors?
Our team is ready to meet with you to help answer that question.

Consultation Process

Initial Meeting

All of our consultation work starts with a meeting typically over the phone or can be done with video conferencing. We will set aside an hour to meet with you. The plan is to discuss your church website in detail. We will listen to all of your concerns and vision for the church website. We will also ask questions and try to gather enough data to help you improve your church website.


With the plan in your hands, this is where you get to work. Everything in the plan we provide you, will be doable for your church staff if you choose to do the work yourselves. As was already mentioned, the plan will be detailed and we will try to provide enough information so you can get to work right away.

The Next Step

There is no charge for the time we spend with you during the initial meeting. If you feel that we can help you with your church website, we will move forward with you and put together a plan for your church's website. This is a game plan to give you specific changes to improve your church's website. This is where we charge for our time. We will provide an estimate before starting the work.

Follow Up

We typically plan to follow up in about a month to see how things are going. This assumes that we have not heard from you during the mean time. If you have questions or issues that arise, please reach out to use during the time you are changing the website. We are here to help answer questions if you need us to.

Customized Plan

We will hand off the plan with all of the details. This will show you the changes to make to the website. We will outline where page content needs to be added or changed. The custom plan will also address site navigation, design, and overall presentation. If your church wants to do the work, we will outline all of our suggestions in a very organized way to make it easy to follow so you can do the work yourself.

Additional Help

During the work, if you decide that you are overwhelmed, we can help. We understand that life is busy and sometimes there isn't enough time to finish a project. We have all the experience to complete the work that we outline for your church. Let us know if you need help with the work.

Schedule a Consultation

Remember, the first phone call is free.
If you are ready to discuss your church website with us, let’s get started.