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The most important part of your church website is the web hosting service that provides the space for your website to reside. In order for any website to function correctly, the hosting needs to be stable and ensure that the website is up all of the time. The reality though is that really all web hosting companies service is up 99.9 percent of the time. This is what almost everyone advertises and it is mostly true.


Storage is also a key issue. I know that most churches are going to store sermons for members and potential visitors to listen to, and now to watch. This means that you need lots of space. Again, most hosts are going to offer varying plans with different amounts of storage and plenty of it.


Customer service is important to us. When something does go wrong, or you have a question, you need to be able to talk with someone. Most companies offer around the clock support. This is where we are a little different. Being that we are a family owned business, there is no one that works around the clock. Instead of around the clock support, you get support from us. When you call or email, you are going to be talking to the same people every time who will remember you.

Web Hosting Features


We know how important it is for your website to load quickly. Our hosting servers are powered by fast CPU processors and RAID SSD storage for the best performance.


Your website will be protected from malware and intrusions as well as protection from WordPress exploits. All web hosting accounts come with a free SSL certificate installed during setup.


When you need help with an issue, or have a question about your hosting service, we are here to help. You can call us during normal business hours and we will respond as fast as possible.


All web hosting accounts include cPanel management software. This software allows the user to manage your website, email, FTP access, SQL databases, and much more.


All sites are backed up multiple times per week in case something bad happens to your website. We can help restore your site from a backup if you run into a problem.


Our plans, while being a little more expensive than the large companies, should still fit into any budget. We have various plans just like everyone else and will find something to work for you.

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