Church Website Development

As a believer in Christ, I have a great idea of the design styles and the types of content that is needed for a church's website. My company will help you put together a new website design, or work with the current website that you already have in place. There are many different components to a church website including ministry information, times and location of the services, sermon media, and more. In addition to the website design, Lightway Web Services is able to help you organize and structure the content for the church website. We will help you create the proper navigation and flow for all of the pages and information for your church website.

In addition to creating the basic church website, we also have experience with sermon media. One of the best features of a church's website is the sermon audio or video. We have the tools and capabilities to help you add your pastor's sermons to the website in a structured and organized way. We can also help your church implement sermon podcasting which is adding your sermon audio to podcast platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. This way your church members can easily listen to recent sermons using easy to access apps available on mobile devices as well as computers instead of relying on the church website.

Highlights of our Church Design Services