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sermon audio recording

Sermon Media Poll

Years ago if you wanted to listen to a sermon from Sunday’s service, you had to get an audio cassette, or a CD of the recording. With the increase of technology, audio CD’s are most

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church podcast on spotify

Create a Church Podcast on Spotify

Before we answer the question, “what is a church podcast?”, let’s talk about sermons and how they are made available online otherwise. Most churches by now will record their sermons either by audio or video.

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Home Church Website Poll

With so much technology now, almost every church has a website. These websites provide church members with various important information. This can range from information about church events, what the church believes, various ministry information,

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Church Visitors Poll

All of us at some point have been looking for a new church to join. Most of us will likely check out the church’s website for information prior to visiting. We’d like to know from

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