Lightway Web Services, Inc. provides professional website design. Each web project starts with the initial consultation. Your small business website is your identity on the world wide web. For any professional business, this can be as important as your physical storefront. Your potential customers will make a decision about your business based on the look and feel of your website as well as the quality of the content that is available.

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Initial Consultation

Here are some of the following things to consider when planning your website project. There is a great deal of thought that goes in to planning a new website or in to redesign an existing website. Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when planning your website.

  • Target Audience - Who will be visiting my website?
  • Site Content - What information needs to on the site?
  • Design Type - Will I need to change information regularly on my website?
  • Design Style - How should my website look?
  • Design Process

    Website Template

    After the initial consultation, we will prepare a design template that will be used to build out the page content for the entire website. The template is the foundation for which the rest of the website is built. We spend a lot of time on the site template to make sure that your design style comes across just right.

    During the template design process, we will work to incorporate your business logos, colors, fonts, and any other styles that you may use. We will also consider design aspects of other websites that our clients like. Typically, one design style will be presented to each client. Depending upon the web design package chosen, there will be one or more revisions allowed.

    Page Design

    Once the template design is approved, focus shifts to designing the individual pages that will contain your website's content. The process of page design involves determining all the necessary content including text, pictures, videos, and internal links within your website. The goal is to take all of the website's content and organize it first, making it easy for visitors to the website to find your information.

    Once the organization is in place, we will then move to creating a menu structure, and begin placing content on each page. While organization is important, creating an eye-catching web page helps greatly in keeping visitors engaged in reading the content on your website. Users who don't find your page design enjoyable, may leave your site altogether and move on to the next.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Once the website design is complete and is approved, the website will be reviewed to add coding where necessary to create a website that is search engine friendly. Items that we focus on will include the page titles, header titles, image tags, internal links, and the actual page text will be checked. Suggestions to text changes may be made with the goal of increasing the website's search engine rankings.

    These changes are basic upgrades to the website to help increase traffic. More information about our full search engine optimization services is available upon request.

    Additional Options

    Website Hosting

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    In addition to our web design services, Lightway Web Services, Inc. offers Linux-based web hosting. Our web hosting accounts provide the basics that you will find with many hosting accounts including cPanel which is a LInux-based web hosting control panel that allows for easy management of all the tools that come with our web hosting accounts.

    These tools include basic functions such as setting up email accounts or checking webmail, and more advanced features such as setting up MySQL databases, and subdomain setup and options. There are currently three basic hosting packages all with annual premiums. If you are setting up a new website, or want to switch web hosting providers, please let us know how we can help.

    Website Maintenance

    website maintenance

    In addition to web design packages, Lightway Web Services also offers website maintenance. Maintenance items would include content changes such as new text, or images. This would also include designing new web pages, or removing existing pages that are no longer necessary. Website maintenance can be provided for existing clients on sites that we have designed, or it can also be for new customers with existing sites that just need help. We can work with any code from websites that have been previously designed.

    Maintenance can also include content writing if your site needs additional content, but you aren't sure how to put it together. We can write it for you and help structure the page design as well. Website maintenance is billed hourly or can be put together in a retainer package. If you are interested in this service we have plenty of other information about our website maintenance and retainer packages that we can custom tailor for you.