Lightway Web Services designs websites based on the WordPress content management system. Our websites are designed using fully responsive, mobile friendly WordPress themes. WordPress provides a great foundation with which we can use to provide our clients beautiful, quality websites. Furthermore, website designed using WordPress will leave your customers with a great first impression of your business.

WordPress also fits a wide variety of business models. Whether you need a small website to tell your customers who you are, or a simple blog to share your ideas, or an interactive website for your church or ministry, or you need an e-commerce solution for your online store, we can meet those needs using WordPress as the foundation for building your website. Imagine what you want to do with your website, and Kraft and Sons can make it happen.


If you’re asking yourself this questions, we’ll help explain why we like WordPress so much. First, it’s a great platform with which to build a website. In addition, it gives us the designer and you, our customer, a lot of flexibility and a lot of great tools, in the design of your website. Here are just some of the reason why we choose WordPress when building great websites for our customers.

wordpress web design


We use quality responsive themes that allow your website to display clearly, and simply on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This way, everyone can view your website no matter what device they use to find you.


The WordPress content management system allows for easy management of the web design for us, and for our clients. Adding blog posts and page content is smooth and easy.nything that you need done for your website.


There are so many widgets and plugins available from WordPress that can enhance your website from the custom slideshows, to photo galleries, to fancy social media widgets and just about anything you need done for your website.


The sky is the limit for the most part. There are so many different widgets that we can use from custom slideshows, to e-commerce solutions, to social media plugins that we can do almost anything that you need done for your website.


responsive web design

All of our designs need to start with a domain name, and a web hosting package. If you don’t have those in place, we can help get you setup with a domain name and a web hosting package. Kraft and sons has three affordable web hosting packages to choose from.

The next step is to choose from one of our three WordPress design packages. These packages tailor to a number of different size websites. These include the starter website to the more robust site that requires more space for more web content. If one of these packages doesn’t fit for you, we can put together a custom package that meets your specific needs.

In addition, we’ll work with you to put together a well designed website based on the design package you choose. There are many design themes to choose from, and we will help you find the one that fits your style and content the best.